Mook to Mastermind

Episode 1: Like a Monkey Ready to Be Shot Into Space

It is the beginning of a fantastic story!

In this episode, the mooks filed out of the truck and were taken to the StitchCo building. There, they saw all manner of unspeakable human rights violations, as the illegal aliens being forced to work in the factory wing worked themselves to exhaustion (sometimes death) trying to meet Dr. Stitch’s unrealistic production quotas. They met with the impotent branch manager Ben Benderson and his Armano knock-off business suit. Finally, they were taken to a waiting room were they were left to kill time, reflect on their respective wasted lives, and left to wonder where it all went wrong. Improvised fooseball was played, Awesome Punchie Martial Arts Heroes (with Fisty Joe) was watched, and for one character, the esoteric ability of literacy was revealed.

Stay tuned for the next episode, where it all goes to hell!



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