Mook to Mastermind

Episode 2: Where It All Goes to Hell (part 1)

PBP game + initiative point system combat = gigantic mess

Bored with all that useless “character development” going on in the waiting room, the crew decided it was time to get into their first battle! Giddy with excitement, and either too oblivious to be aware of their phenomenal frailty or too bloodthirsty to care, a crew of 15 mooks plus #003 made its way to the production wing to fortify the area against the coming Silver Dragon assault. Arguments over the placement of barrels, crates, and other cover ensued; shoddily-rigged traps went off and nearly crushed VIP’s (okay, Ben Benderson isn’t REALLY a VIP); and surprisingly well-concealed couch forts were constructed and hastily abandoned (because we just kinda forgot about it, right Boozlebub?).

A silenced pistol shot rang out, and Ben Benderson was suddenly lying in a spreading pool of his own blood. A spy (who’d been planted in the group) and a ninja (who dropped from the ceiling somehow) revealed themselves, and the battle was on! What has followed between Dr. Stitch’s crew and the two Silver Dragon infiltrators has been, by far, the most jaw-dropping Feng Shui combat I’ve ever borne witness to. The source of my amazement has come not from impressive stunts or high-powered pyrotechnics. Rather, it’s been the PCs’ ridiculous luck and sheer grit that have allowed them to cling to dear life in what was supposed to have been a completely one-sided washout. Props to #865 for a ridiculous boxcars ricochet shot, #087 for a particularly nasty aimed shot, and #347 for having absolutely horrible dice luck and still managing to hold on this long.

It’s official: I’ll never look at Feng Shui mooks the same way again after this game. The fight will continue in a few days, after people have had time to tend to their jobs and social lives (I know, it’s like we don’t have our priorities straight at ALL).



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