Mook to Mastermind

Episode 3: Where It All Goes to Hell (part 2)

Giant vat of bubbling liquid + savage beatdown = even bigger mess

A new mook has joined the horde! After the ruthless female ninja Serpent Gaze was splashed by boiling medicinal liquid thanks to a nice trick shot by #087, #098 broke away from the pack and smashed into her with a twin baton assault that sent her through the shoddily-maintained railing and to her bubbly demise. There was no time for the team to rest on its laurels, though—a blast went off elsewhere in the building, causing the whole area to shake and the lights to go off. When the emergency lights came on, the diabolical Jim Bund was nowhere to be seen. The alarm was raised!

Instead of immediate pursuit on foot, #003 recommended a more ludicrous strategy. He led the team to a secret development area, where they came face-to-face with the future of mobile mook technology: the Stitchcycles. These delightful little contraptions pack a lot of speed into a small (though pathetically flimsy) frame, and the onboard mounted machine gun isn’t just for looks. The team divvied itself into pairs of one driver and one gunner per cycle, and they jetted off through the building and up the stairwell to the office wing as fast as their newfound conveyances could take them.

When they arrived at the top of the stairwell, into the main lobby of the office wing, they were greeted with absolute devistation. A rather large chunk of the area was flat-out gone, having been blown to hell by some kind of explosive device. Bodies were strewn everywhere, as pretty much every office worker who was here had been blown into assorted chunks of bloody meat, crushed by chunks of fallen ceiling, or riddled with bullet holes. The fact that the area was littered with firearms suggested that the employees tried to fight back against the intruders. What kind of office workers would do such a thing? Where have the intruders gotten off to? And will the newly-invented sport of Knifeball take the world by storm as creator #098 predicts it will? Stay tuned to find out!



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