Mook to Mastermind

Episode 8: And Now For Something Completely Different

Mister, I'll... make a man... out of you!

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been accepted into the Henchman Training Program. Please report to the main lobby at 0800 tomorrow for dorm reassignment. Attached is an information packet that details all the exciting benefits and opportunities available to Henchman Class employees. We hope you are as excited about this opportunity as we are! Sincerely, #001, Head of Human Resources Department

It sounded like a dream come true. However, when our hapless mooks prepared to get on the bus that took them to Advanced Combat Training (ACT) camp, they ran into their fearless leader #003, whom they hadn’t seen since the big battle. He looked absolutely haggard, like he hadn’t been sleeping or eating very well, and he was accompanied by about a dozen Pit Pals!, who watched his every move nervously. His body was covered with a number of scratches, bite marks, bruises, swollen areas, and stab wounds. His clothes were absolutely caked with blood, and our hapless mooks were pretty sure most of it wasn’t his. He had some simple words of advice about ACT:

“They’re gonna try to break you in ACT. Don’t let ‘em. Stick together, and remember that you’re Henchmen for a reason. Now get going, and give those guys HELL!”

And “hell” was an all-too-appropriate description of ACT, which was run by #005, the illustrious leader of Bravo Squad, who went by the name Hawk. Over the course of the first few weeks, Hawk put them all through a series of brutal training sessions, some designed to enhance teamwork, others to pick on individuals’ weaknesses, and still others to break them, pure and simple. They were forced to march, run, swim, and jump over all sorts of hazardous terrain, carrying or dragging all manner of heavy or dangerous things, with all sorts of additional “hazards” cheerfully provided by their trainer. In short, they were given hell.

As time went on, and the number of henchmen in training started to dwindle due to injuries, desertion, or spectacularly messy deaths, the mooks decided that they were going to give a little hell back. How? Stay tuned to find out!



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