#002, the Chief Medical Officer, a liver-spotted barrel of a woman with arms that can tear a man in half and a face that even her mother (may she rest in peace) couldn’t love, has a cigarette clamped in her mouth at all times, and her smoke cloud can be seen puffing hither and thither as she applies her savage brand of cut-rate medicine to the injured. She has become incredibly jaded from years of working at StitchCo, but without an actual license to practice medicine, her options for employment are few, and besides, she secretly enjoys being able to boss people around.


#002, one of the few female employees of Dr. Stitch, has been with the company from the beginning, and her incredible skills with improvisational medicine saved her from the front lines when Dr. Stitch realized he could exploit her talents to save on healthcare costs. She is chronically understaffed, and mooks who show up to the Infirmary early often find themselves “promoted” to medics. Though some of them barely know how to use a band-aid, #002 bullies them through their first day on the job, punishing every mistake with an acid tongue and a surprisingly swift backhand slap, and those who come back sometimes actually learn a thing or two about improvisational medicine.


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