(Yeah, that’s a picture of the Heavy from Team Fortress. It’s placeholder for now until we can replace it with something original.)

Number 003 is huge and hulking, standing about seven feet tall, maybe 320 lbs of pure muscle. He routinely flings people around like paper-mache dolls when he dives into the fray. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy, and he tends to hit more than talk, but there’s nobody you’d rather be standing behind when the lead starts to fly (and with his considerable size, he can provide cover for a lot of you).


Number 003 totally belongs in Team Bravo, hell, he could probably RUN Team Bravo, but he has this thing where he actually cares if the people under him live or die. As you all well know, that’s not the kind of attitude that gets you ahead in this business. So, as it is, he’s like an abusive big brother for the Caring Corps, and though I wouldn’t say he has a heart of gold, at least it’s some kind of semi-precious metal. Maybe pewter. He’s clearly one of Dr. Stitch’s favorites; rumor has it that the Dr. even calls him by a nickname when no one else is around, something like “Slippy” or “Slapper”, something like that.

After taking most of the blame for the numerous problems resulting from the Silver Dragon attack on the StitchCo building, #003 has been interred in the Time-Out Pit for an indeterminate length of time.


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