Name: #042
Type: Henchman
Stitch Points: 2
Experience: 18

BOD: 4 Strength: 4 Toughness: 4 Constitution: 4 Move: 4
REF: 5 Agility: 5 Dexterity: 5 Speed: 5
MND: 6 Intelligence: 6 Perception: 6 Charisma: 6 Willpower: 6
CHI: 1 Fortune: 2(2) Kung Fu: 1 Magic: 1

Guns (Dex + 2) = 7
Driving (Dex + 1) = 6
Sabotage (Dex + 2) = 7
Fix-It (Per + 1) = 7
Info/Bureaucracy (Int + 1) = 7

Rossi Model 851 Revolver (8/2/9)
Baseball Bat (str+3)


Since his youth, #042 had been a model scout. He was skilled, compassionate, and loyal to a fault. Most of all to his scout master who pushed him up the ranks as quickly as he could, all in exchange for a few pictures and “special hug” time. #042 was the youngest scout to ever reach his rank and it started to turn some heads.

Before too long, he was watching his scout master being led away in handcuffs, followed by Federal Agents carrying what seemed to be all of his home electronics, even the new model “smart” toaster. People tried to convince #042 that what had been happening was wrong but it never sunk in. Words like “rape” and “pedophile” never meant anything to him.

Finally, he ran away, searching for a new organization to champion. He found StitchCo and even early on, he buddied up to each of his superiors and did EVERYTHING they asked of him.


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