Name: #347
Type: Henchman
Stitch Points: 4
Experience: 4

BOD: 4 Strength: 4 Toughness: 4 Constitution: 4 Move: 4
REF: 5 Agility: 5 Dexterity: 5 Speed: 5
MND: 6 Intelligence: 6 Perception: 6 Charisma: 6 Willpower: 6
CHI: 3 Fortune: 3 Kung Fu: 3 Magic: 3

Martial Arts (Agl + 1) = 6
Guns (Dex + 2) = 8
Intrusion (Agl + 1) = 6
Driving (Dex + 1) = 6
Info/Law (Int + 1) = 7

Rossi Model 515 Revolver (8/2/9)
Combat Knife (Str + 2)
Louisville Slugger (Str + 3)



Originally, #347 came from an upper-lower class household. He did quite well academically, winning several scholarships to pay for school and taking out student loans to pay for the rest. He attended Harvard acquiring an undergrad in English, eventually becoming a Doctorate, and a Masters in Law.

However, life stopped being so kind to #347 upon his graduation. The economic collapse made finding jobs extremely hard, even with his spectacular qualifications that he held. With an ever growing amount of debt, #347 applied for a job at Stitch Co.

Originally, #347 had thought he’d spend a year or two on the ground floor, and work his way up to a position where his qualifications could be of use. Doing basic mathematics in his head, he knew what Stitch Co. was taking in as opposed to what it was putting out, and realized being at the top was very lucrative. Unfortunately, it’s been several years so far and he has yet to progress further than cannon fodder, with only his rather adept wits keeping him alive…

 #347 stands at 5’ 9", has black hair that is usually messy and unkempt and a set of green eyes. #347 is rather emotional though doesn’t show it, as he has trust issues and finds it hard to open up to people. His attitude is generally cheery and modest, though a little morose at times. When upset he is fearsome, though never raises his voice, adding a feel of unease to his rage. He doesn’t brag of his vast intellect, and in fact gladly seeks to share his knowledge with others. He adheres to a code of conduct, loyalty being one of the things he holds in highest regard, causing him to do his best to assist someone if he is able, and caring, as long as they are loyal in turn. However, to cross him is to open the very gates of Hell themselves and unleash a fury that will not only cause you to suffer, but anyone you’ve ever known.


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