Pep = A bonus to your Driving score based on a car’s speed and handling

Wreck = A measure of the punishment a vehicle can take before breaking down

Lead = Representation of the person in the front of the chase.

  1. First goes to the person with the highest Drive
  2. Gives a +1 bonus to Driving rolls
  3. Allows leader to attempt Escape Rolls; 3 successful Escape Rolls ends chase
  4. Can be taken (3 shots) by making a Driving roll against leader’s Driving score

Sample Stunts

Shooting Driver = Driving roll serves as defense, only driver can Active Dodge (but helps everyone in car), people in enclosed cars +4 to hit, convertibles +2, motorcycles as normal.

Shooting Tires = -3 stunt; reduces Wreck and Pep by 1

Playing Chicken = Opposing Intimidation; winner can take Lead or cause other to stop, failure forces Willpower check (Dif 10, back down if failed, collide if succeeded)

Running People Down = Attack as normal (with Driving); damage is Outcome +1/10kph

Going Up on Two Tires = Difficulty 10

Jumping = Minimum Difficulty 10

Leaping From Car to Car = Difficulty 15 Martial Arts (10 with a movement power)

Bootlegger Reverse = Difficulty 20 – Current Shot Number


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