Death Rules for PC Mooks

Any time a mook is subjected to an attack that has a chance of being fatal, that mook must make a Fortune check. If the mook succeeds, he is taken out of the fight and given some crippling, permanent Disfigurement (decided by the GM), but he’ll live after medical treatment. If the mook fails, it’s game over. Because of this, mooks are encouraged to develop powerful self-preservation instincts.

Stitch Points

Life in Dr. Stitch’s compound is hard when you’re always one bullet or Tiger Claw away from death’s door. So how do those higher-ranked employees manage to stay alive? Simple: Stitch Points. After staying in the employ of Dr. Stitch for so long, all those pep talks, team-building exercises, and assorted other forms of brainwashing actually start to sink in, providing various benefits (in addition to totally breaking your spirit).

Stitch Points can be earned by completing tasks that benefit StitchCo. Unlike Fortune or Magic Points, these DO NOT REFRESH FROM SESSION TO SESSION, so once you use a Stitch Point, it’s gone. A spent Stitch Point can provide one of the following three benefits.

  1. Death is a Stitch – Employees who’ve been with StitchCo for a while seem to have a knack for avoiding death, but never gracefully. If a player fails his Fortune roll to survive a fatal attack, he can spend a Stitch Point to survive anyway, though he’ll end up with a Disfigurement in the process.
  2. Shaken, Not Stitched – A player may spend a Stitch Point to miraculously recover from a Disfigurement. He must still go through medical treatment as normal, but he’ll be good as new afterwards. (This may ONLY be used at the time the GM informs the player of the Disfigurement; if he decides later that he doesn’t want it, tough luck.)
  3. Stitch Together! – If there’s one thing Dr. Stitch values, it’s teamwork in the face of grotesquely overwhelming odds. A player may spend a Stitch Point to assist an ally in a check he just performed. This action costs 3 shots, but may be performed out of sequence, and only requires the assistor to be close enough to assist. An assistor adds +3 to any one check (skill, stat, or otherwise) that his ally makes.


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