Mook to Mastermind

Episode 4: Like 'The Office', But With More Shooting

I would shoot Toby twice!

Long time no see, Portal. After a kickass vacation, it’s back to the slave pits (well, StitchCo, which isn’t much better), where the epic battle between the mooks and the Silver Dragons continues! Motorcycles and flying cars indoors? You betcha! The battle has moved to the office wing, where the mooks continue to desperately cling to life, heroically beating the crap out of Jim Bund and encountering two new assailants: the esoteric Dr. Sisyphus and the quirky but ruthless Radical Ted.

As they watched their comrades fall one by one, the mooks realized that the number of warm bodies between them and oblivion has dwindled to nearly zero! What’s worse, when Radical Ted’s flying car entered the picture, this battle was taken on the road! With loveable lunatic #098 having been tazed in the back seat and left at the mercy of Bund, who decided it was time for some payback after the untimely death of the latest in a long, long string of love interests, will the others be able to help him in time, or will they decide that they don’t get paid enough for this? Stay tuned!



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