Mook to Mastermind

Episode 5: Going the Distance

Driving and striving and hugging the turns

The vehicles burst through what was left of the office windows, and the chase was taken to the streets! Hundreds of machine gun bullets were fired, until #098 craved the taste of blood and slingshotted himself from the motorcycle into the back seat of the Silver Dragons’ Escape Bug. #087 decided to join in the fun, launching himself onto the roof of the car. When the action made it to the highway, and #098 was tazed by an irate Jim Bund, things got nasty.

Just when the Bug was on the verge of escaping, some brilliant maneuvers by #963 in the Stitchcycle XL cut off Ted’s escape, forcing him onto an exit ramp that led to Clybourne Park (a.k.a. Makeout Point). After enduring punishing barrage after punishing barrage of machine gun fire, the Bug finally called it quits, spinning out and crashing into a safety railing, which knocked Bund unconscious and sent #087 screaming into a ravine (don’t worry, he survived). A tense standoff ensued.

Just when trigger fingers started to get itchy, a trio of unmarked black vans arrived on the scene. Were they friends or foes? The mooks breathed a sigh of relief when three dozen StitchCo minions poured out, led by new arrival #042. His no-nonsense brand of leadership, coupled with #347’s extensive vocabulary and volatile personality, got business taken care of in short order. Now it’s back to the Compound, where everyone awaits medical treatment and the dreaded Debriefing Room. Will everyone pull through? Stay tuned to find out!



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