Mook to Mastermind

Episode 7: Mooks on Film

Two minutes later, got your picture

In this episode, the group faced the dreaded Debriefing Room. Dr. Stitch is all about experiential learning, but it’s the whole “mistakes” part of learning from one’s mistakes that he has a problem with. The group witnessed a highlight reel, good and bad, of their actions up to this point, complete with cheesy special effects and artistic cuts. They sweated bullets as the Doctor dissected every little mistake they made, no matter how trivial, and they got a taste of his Brain Shredder ability, which twisted their fears into physical, psychological, and spiritual pain. Fortunately, they survived the process, and the Doctor dismissed them to give himself time for continued deliberation—all but one of them, that is.

Much to their shock, #003 was ordered to stay behind to continue their little chat.

Some time later, the members of the group got a special delivery from HR. Surprisingly, they were being promoted to Henchman class employees! Completely flabbergasted by all the exciting benefits and opportunities available to them with their new titles (especially #042), perhaps they should have combed the fine print a little more thoroughly. Such benefits always come with a price; stay tuned to find out what it is!



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